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Name Change in Numerology

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I have seen lots of people, in some famous Numerology Group, keep on asking a question like, which name spelling is suitable for me...

This one which adds to 8,

Or ..that one which adds to 2, or the third or fourth adding to some Other nos....

Dear Friends ....

Change is Name spelling for Success is a serious Science, lots of factors need to consider like :

  1. What does the Person actually need?

  2. Do you need more balance in LIFE, rather than SUCCESS in one particular aspect?

  3. Your Name no. should not be Anti No. to your Driver Or Conductor number (Birth no. & Destiny no.)

  4. How much the new name Number is in Sync with your driver & conductor number (birth no. & destiny no.)

  5. Can the Name Number help you, to Compensate for the missing no. of your chart as well.


How to take maximum benefit of New Name, without changing the name in records

Also don't fall for free tips, , its serious business and need serious consultation


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